Don't Forget, Fishing Is Fun!

Don't Forget, Fishing Is Fun!

    There are a lot of reasons why we all go fishing. Some are after numbers, some are after bigs, some are after a check, some are just looking for a bite to eat; but ultimately, we do it because it's fun, and it's something that we love to do. Whether it was a generational hobby passed down or something that we just decided to try out and stuck with it, we do this to have fun. So let's talk about it.


    September 8, 2023, started off as one of the worst fishing days I've ever had. It was a beautiful day. The fish were biting, made evident by the amount of bass my buddy was landing. Frustration began to set in as every bite that came my way, I missed or the fish came off.


    About three hours into the trip I got a good frog bite, set the hook, and then the worst possible scenario happened. I rolled the canoe. First of all, let me tell you if you have never rolled a canoe it is absolutely terrifying. I had about three seconds to react and stabilize myself, but my efforts were not good enough. I was going in regardless. As I hit the water, I was immediately relieved when my hand hit the bottom of the lake. Once I got my footing, I saw Zech already on his way to help out, then.... wait a minute... I STILL HAVE THE FISH HOOKED! Let's go!!!! Right? Wrong! The canoe was full of water, so as I'm fighting this fish I'm trying to keep the canoe stable and not lose all my gear along with the canoe. Once Zech got there we had a laugh about it in the midst of me having a small panic attack from rolling the boat. We got the fish unhooked and Zech decided the flooded canoe was a perfect livewell for the fish and tossed it in. We cut the top off of my gallon jug and used it to bail out the canoe. Once I got back into the canoe I was pleasantly surprised to learn I only lost a pair of pliers.

    So, yeah... that happened. It's one of those things I've seen countless times on social media, and I always thought if it happened to me I would just pack it in and leave. I was wrong. I was there to fish because I love fishing. It was 78 degrees outside, the water was in the 70s, I had driven three hours to be there, so I was going to continue doing what I love.  You know what? IT WAS FUN!

    This is just a simple reminder that we do this because we love it one way or another. Don't let it eat you alive, and don't let it destroy you. I've seen guys break rods over their knees from breaking off a bass while they were fun fishing. After rolling that canoe, I'm relieved I'll never let it get to me that way.

    This is the hobby I chose to love, this is our hobby, this is our craft, and here at Dark Horse Tackle all we want is to help you enjoy your craft more while providing you with incredible baits every month!



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