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Jaboom Bait Co.

Jaboom-Beaver Ballz

Jaboom-Beaver Ballz

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From Jaboom Bait Co.:

    Designed for punching mats, lilies and heavy cover with much less weight than conventional style baits. At 4.25 inches long the patent vertical rib design not only goes through the mat easier, It produces violent strikes. Also, the vertical ribs protect the hook point much better than most punching/flipping baits on the market. When yo-yoing the bait under mats it falls erratically unlike other style baits that simply fall strait down. The erratic falling motion trigger strikes when the bite is tough or the fish are heavily pressured. It's definitely something they haven't seen! One of the most common things our customers tell us about this bait is, that it's the best chatter bait trailer they've ever used. 

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