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Hogmolly Baits - Ghastly Goby

Hogmolly Baits - Ghastly Goby

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From Hogmolly: 

Coming in at a slim 3.62 inches, the Ghastly Goby finds a happy medium between finesse and large soft plastics. 

Made with our floating soft plastic formula, this bait stands up to the competition and will help you land fish no matter how pressured the waters are. 

Comes in 7 per pack.


Rigging Options

  • Ned Rig
  • Ned Rig EWG (3/0)
  • Drop Shot
  • EWG (3/0)


Pattern Descriptions

  • Starlight (NEW) - an orangish/light brown base that causes the tail to turn pink. When placed in direct sunlight, the base color will turn into a transparent purple color
  • Sweet N Sour (NEW) - a two pattern laminate that features a purple pumpkin top with a fleshy, natural, pink bottom
  • Muddy Gras (NEW) - a muddy brown base pattern with large gold and purple flake
  • Hot Sauce - a light red/orange base pattern with large black and orange flake, and small red flake, designed to mimic crawfish in the spring
  • Purple Pumpkin - a green pumpkin base pattern with small purple flake. A universally known pattern that will work in just about any condition
  • Sweet Watermelon - a watermelon green base pattern with small Kelly green and purple flake
  • Classic Black & Blue - a solid black base pattern with large and small blue flake
  • 24kt - a transparent gold base pattern with three different sizes of gold flake
  • Mossy Gold (Best Seller) - a mossy green base pattern with gold flake
  • Snowbrawl - a white base pattern that has a blue iridescents when in contact with direct sunlight
  • Busted Bronze - a bronzish base pattern with gold and red flake


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