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HH Custom Baits

HH Custom Baits-Koosh Craw

HH Custom Baits-Koosh Craw

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From HH Custom Baits: 

A fully-custom HHCB design, the 2.5" Koosh Craw is the perfect trailer for our Kooshball Micro Jigs. The Koosh Craw is compact at 2.5" in length, the perfect bite-sized snack for all species of bass in rivers, lakes, creeks, and other pressured bodies of water. Equipped with two side appendages and streamlined claws, the Koosh Craw is the perfect natural craw profile with a subtle, life-like action. The thin design of the claw arms provides a subtle kicking motion with slight rod movements, natural current, or on a straight retrieve back to the boat. Many of our color patterns are designed to match up perfectly with our micro jigs, so grab a few before you checkout! Fish it on a jig, a ned rig, or another finesse technique to haul in numbers of bass and trick the big pressured fish at the same time. 


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