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HH Custom Baits

HH Custom Baits-Koosh Micro Jig

HH Custom Baits-Koosh Micro Jig

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From HH Custom Baits: Our Kooshball Micro Jigs are bass candy! Our Kooshball Micro Jigs are a ball-head design, poured from scratch on premium 1/0 1X strong VMC hooks, hand painted, and hand-tied and sealed with flat wax nylon thread. Each jighead is baked for paint durability and has a double bait keeper system, consisting of a lead barb and a wire barb to lock on trailers. Skirts have a short finesse cut, providing lots of flare and movement underwater. This "Kooshball" flare is where the jig's named was derived. Throw this jig anywhere you would throw a ned rig or finesse jig. Catch loads of largemouth, smallmouth, and spotted bass with this jig profile, while building confidence and appealing to a larger class of bass that like to eat a jig.

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