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LS Lures

LS Lures-Lil Wizard Jigs

LS Lures-Lil Wizard Jigs

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From LS Lures: 

- Hand tied and built around a strong 2/0 Gamakatsu hook, our Lil Wizard jigs are deadlier than Rambo on steroids.... or more steroids... This lil jig is more finesse than your average "finesse jig" yet it doesn't sacrifice anything in terms of strength or the fish it can handle. With a funky cut thin skirt and ball head this jig is made to fish slow year round and pick up fish behind any boat on the lake. It's different, it's not threatening, and it looks absolutely delicious. Pair this up with your favorite small trailer, get to draggin, and get ready to set the hook.



Confidence builders:

-Target wood, docks, and rock

-Use in slightly stained water or all winter

- Try slow dragging and dead sticking when conditions are ultra tough

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