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LS Lures

LS-Lures MOP Jig

LS-Lures MOP Jig

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From LS Lures:

- Hand tied and built around a strong Gamakatsu hook, our Mop Jig is made to prove the phrase "big baits = big fish" true. Tied with a combination of living rubber and silicone skirt material this jig has a large presence in the water that big summertime bass can't resist. Hunt them down in their deep summer haunts and drag this around them and all of their friends and you will get big bites.

Confidence builders:

-Target brush piles, rock piles, and ledges

-Use in clear to stained water

- Match your weight to the depth you are fishing.

Match it up with:

-.A full size craw, beaver, or creature bait

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