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Secret Lures

Secret Lure-Stupid Craw

Secret Lure-Stupid Craw

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From Secret Lures: The Stupid Craw is the first lure of it’s kind designed specifically for our Stupid Style rigging method. It has a realistic crawfish profile, 3.7 inches in total length, a hollow body, and the most “active” pinchers you’ll find in a craw. The Stupid Craw has rigging dots and a hook trough molded right into the body for our 4/0 standard Stupid Tube Jig heads, making it easy to rig straight, weedless, and correctly every time!  The pinchers come connected and can be fished that way for a subtle flap on the fall and subdued action on the bottom.  We prefer to pinch the tips where they connect and release them for an amazing swimming action on the drop and extra action on the hop.  You can also remove the tips completely to give the craw a more finesse appearance and presentation in clear water or pressured conditions.

6 Count

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