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Swampro Lures

Swampro Lures-Powah’glide

Swampro Lures-Powah’glide

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From Swampro Lures: 

The Powah'glide was developed to be fished like no other jerk bait period! Coming in at 5.5" this jerk was designed to bridge a gap between a standard jerk and swim baits with features like; thicker than a normal backbone over a hook slotted keeled belly, pectoral fins that create turbulence on quick vertical jerks and a laid back top fin that guides you to center for texposing your hooks.

Now to what sperates Powah'glide from the others, the tail. It provides stability and action that can only be produced by fish themselves! Yall know the deal, at Swampro we love versitlity and dual action, Powah'glide is no different. Keeping the tail attach creates a flutter on each jerk and allows it to glide slowly down legdes and grass lines. Breaking the attached area, now you have a jerkbait with action in the tail that resembles a fleeing bait fish. Reel it up to the surface for action that no other soft jerk bait can produce. Darting, fluttering, gliding and swimming with a natural flow that they can't reesist!! We promise fish will EAT'EM UP!


Scented: Acrawfic

Size: 5.5"

Quanity: 7pck


Recommed Hook sizes: 5/0 or EWG

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